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Welcome to OGRE eXposed! This website and blog is intended to expose the Old Guard Republican Establishment (OGRE) in Colorado and educate the grassroots on how to affect change within the Republican Party structure.

We know from experience that the Republican Party, particularly its leadership, can no longer be trusted to guard and preserve the liberties and freedoms that are enshrined in our Constitution. As each election cycle passes, it becomes more obvious that there are very few differences, particularly on the most fundamental issues of our time, between the Republican and Democratic Parties.

Many Republican elected officials and Party leaders have decided it is in their best interest to engage in a full out political war against the rank-and-file of their own Party and mislead their own voters during the election season as to their true beliefs. Only close scrutiny of how these politicians and Party bosses behave once in office will reveal the deception that has been perpetuated on the American people and particularly the grassroots of the Republican Party.

The good news is that the few elected officials who stick their neck out and actively support and defend our Constitutional liberties remain affiliated with the Republican Party. These officials are worth defending and supporting. As for the current Party leadership at the state and national level…they simply must be defeated or it will be time for the greatest political upheaval in our two party political system since the Whigs dissolved in the 1850’s. The days of blind adherence to Party affiliation is over!

Colorado GOP Structure

Learn how the Colorado GOP is structured from the bottom up. Learn the Colorado GOP procedures and process so you can help take back the party from the OGREs.

RNC Rules Disaster

Find out what the big deal is about the RNC rules debacle that began last year and how national OGREs are suppressing the grassroots in the GOP.

The OGRE Archives

Check out the OGRE archives documenting some of the worst OGRE abuses of the grassroots in the past year. Also check out some recommending reading to get an historical perspective.

Recent News & Commentary

Moderate Republicans Are Killing the GOP

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