About OGRE eXposed

OGRE eXposed is a website dedicated to educating the grassroots, constitutional Republicans and unaffiliated voters about the Colorado Republican Party and how to reclaim the Party from the Old Guard Republican Establishment (OGRE).

Unfortunately, for the last 15 years radical leftists have taken over the State of Colorado, while the Colorado Republican Party has laid down and let it happen. The Colorado Republican Party and many of those individuals elected to public office under the Republican banner have failed miserably in winning elections, aggressively combating the left on multiple fronts, failed to articulate in a persuasive manner the fundamental principles of the Party, and failed to distinguish themselves from the Democrats in any meaningful way to give voters a real alternative. 

They will tell you its because liberals are invading the state and turning it "blue," implying there is nothing they can do about it. At worst, they will tell you Republicans need to "adapt" or "evolve" on some of their core principles in order to appease this new electorate. This is absolutely FALSE. Although Colorado may be growing, there is no reason to believe the state as a whole should be or has turned "blue." Republicans have been out-maneuvered at every turn, and allowed the radical leftists to hijack Colorado on a number of fronts. 

The evidence is crystal clear. Only when the grassroots, liberty-minded base of the Republican Party becomes engaged is electoral victory possible. Most recently, this was demonstrated with the recall elections in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. This core of the Republican Party was NOT engaged or energized in the 2012 presidential election and those results are now self-evident.

To fix the problem, we must start with accountability. Republican Party officers and Republican elected officials should be held accountable to the grassroots conservatives who rely on them to push a conservative philosophy in government and public policy. These OGREs campaign as Republicans, they appear on the ballots as Republicans, they seek donations from Republicans---they need to act like Republicans! Instead the OGREs have allowed the radical left to set the agenda, seize control of the media and schools, and have chosen the path of sacrificing the principles of liberty for those of identity politics and more government. The Colorado Republicans have failed miserably and the results are evident.

OGRE eXposed attempts to make the case for whom in the Party needs to be replaced, why they need to be replaced, and how to go about doing it. Reclaiming control of the GOP will be an important, if not necessary, step in reclaiming Colorado from the radical leftist agenda. At its core, OGRE eXposed is about education; an education many in the Establishment will not like. There is lots of work to do, so let's get going and take back our Party and State!

Do you have questions or comments? Please email them to: OGREeXposed@gmail.com

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