There may not be a Liberty Movement Man Of The Year Award, but if there were such a thing, the 2014 Liberty Movement Man Of The Year Award goes to……Michael Needham, Chief Executive Officer for Heritage Action for America.

It is a rare feat for one man to stand up against a revered giant, smack down two centuries of crony capitalism, while bringing truth and light to an enslaved people—all within a three minute period. But, on Sunday December 12, 2014, Michael Needham did just that.

Alongside Michael Needham, Fox News’ Juan Williams and Julie Pace of the Associated Press, today’s Sunday Panel included the Pulitzer Prize–winning newspaper columnist, journalist and author, George Will. The Wall Street Journal once called Will “perhaps the most powerful journalist in America.”*  The topic at hand was the passage of the massive “CROmnibus.” The discussion focused on the opposition from both the Left and Right “extremes” who opposed the passage of the $1.1 Trillion Spending Spree that Congress was anxious to push through on their way out the door to their holiday parties and well-planned vacations.

Opening the subject of the spending bill debate, Fox News played these two statements from the unusual Saturday Session on Senate Floor from both Tea Party champion, Senator Ted Cruz, and the great hope of the far Left, Senator Elizabeth Warren.

SEN. TED CRUZ, R-TEXAS: Before the Senate today is a $1.1 trillion bill full of Christmas presents. For the lobbyists and special interests here in Washington.

WARREN: Now, we're watching as Congress passes yet another provision that was written by lobbyists for the biggest recipient of bailout money in the history of this country.

Clearly annoyed that both Cruz and Warren were, in unexpected harmony, speaking truth to the diabolical joke that the Congress so enjoys playing on their benefactors—the American taxpayers—Wallace and Will have this exchange:

WALLACE: Well, the Senate passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill last night to keep the government running. That despite criticism as you saw from both Ted Cruz on the right and Elizabeth Warren on the left. And we're back now with the panel. George, it was a very unhappy senate that was forced to work through the weekend, but finally, they were able to get together and to pass this spending bill, which will keep all the government except for the Department of Homeland Security funded through the end of September. What did we learn about the ability of this Congress to get things done?

WILL: Well, this is how you get things done. Country clamors for bipartisanship, that's what it looks like. It's not pretty, and it's long and it's confused and it's yet another piece of legislation we had to pass in order to find out what's in it, but this is log rolling. This is how democracy in a continental nation gets things down. People aren't going to like it. We had the politics of futile gesture that has now become bipartisan. Elizabeth Warren and Ted Cruz together at last. No one knows what they were trying to accomplish, but that doesn't seem to matter to them.

Reminiscent of Jonathan Gruber’s statements, Will is implying that the American people must be stupid if they expect any integrity from their elected officials. Apparently, Will is the one that has lost all sense of reason and has long forgotten the meaning of the words “Representative Government.” While yes, it is downright shocking that players from polar opposite sides of the political aisle both agree that crony capitalism is destroying our nation, the more shocking revelation is that the brilliant American thinker, George Will, doesn’t seem to know that bringing up such arguments is, in fact, the job of these elected officials. If the American people didn’t expect their representatives to debate on their behalf, they would save a massive amount of money and simply send in monkeys to vote.

Fortunately, there is a new un-jaded voice in town. One who has not succumb to the errant idea that it is Congress’s job to robotically rip off the American people in exchange for their paybacks.

WALLACE: Michael, let's talk about the split among the Republicans and once again, we saw Ted Cruz and a few others like Mike Lee, going against the party leadership in their effort to try to get a vote specifically on the issue of executive action on immigration. What does this say about Mitch McConnell, the leader's, ability to control his own caucus next year when he's in the majority?

NEEDHAM: Well, I think that what you saw from both the right and the left is a bipartisan response against the way Washington, D.C. works. With all due respect to George, this is not some sort of piece of legislation where statesman came together in bipartisan fashion and solve their country's problems. For most Americans out there, their wages are stagnant, the price of housing is going up, the price of food is going up, gas, how you can send your kid to college. And Washington D.C. doesn't care. And they put forth one of the worst pieces of legislation, a $1.1 trillion spending bill that has a carveout for Blue Cross Blue Shield, has a carve out for Wall Street. Reauthorizes something called the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, which provides taxpayer-backed loans so that the Four Seasons Hotel can build a resort in Turkey. I think they can pay for that on their own, and that's what's going on.

So, most Washington look at Wall - most Americans look at Washington and they say this isn't a town that's broken. It's a town that is a finely tuned machine to give carve-outs to the special interests who run that town and they're sick of it. and I think that what Ted Cruz articulated was a desire to have an honest conversation about the president's lawless policy of handing out 5 million worker permits. He exercised his prerogative as a senator to have that debate, and that's a good thing.

As Needham is finishing up his statement the camera pans back to the smirking Chris Wallace who is clearly making eye contact across the table with the Senior pundit George Will. Wallace’s facial expression betrays his excitement for Will to set the young upstart straight. A smiling Wallace interrupts…

WALLACE: Let me bring in George. George?

WILL: Well, you, like Elizabeth Warren, have lit upon the obvious with the sense of profound discovery. That is this is how big government gets big and stays big and operates, but let's not be scandalized by this because this is, you said, this is not a bunch of statesmen getting together in a disinterested manner. The memory of man run if not to when that happened here.

Undaunted and un-intimidated by the legendary “conservative’s” Shakespearean-esque and sarcastic slap down, Needham fires back with a knockout punch aimed at both the Senior Analyst and the wildly criminal members of the U.S. Congress.

NEEDHAM: And I think what you've had is bipartisan fashion, the American people are stepping up and saying you know what, we get the government we deserve. We're going to hold the House responsible, we're going to hold the Senate responsible, we're going to hold the presidency responsible, and they're sick of this type of legislation. If the House had wanted to put forth a three-month continuing resolution, they could have gotten that, they could have waited for the re-enforcements to arrive. The president said a couple of days later, Josh Earnest that he would have signed that. We could have waited for the re-enforcements to arrive. We could have had a conversation --

Eagar to cut off Needham, Wallace interjects…

WALLACE: Yeah, but let me, let me ...let me just point this out, and I'm looking at this, he had this bill, the constitutional void of order challenging the legality of the executive action on immigration. Republicans, 22 voted for it, 20 voted against Cruz. So, he didn't have much support in his own caucus.

NEEDHAM: Well, I think that Ted Cruz “derangement syndrome” seems to have set in across Washington, D.C. And a lot of people took a very bad vote. I think it's unconscionable that many Republicans voted that the president's lawless action that had absolutely no respect for the institution, the co-equal branch of government that is Congress, that they voted to let that go forward. And I'm sorry that it interfered with the fundraisers that were planned this weekend.

What can freethinking people gain from this exchange? That there is reason to hope.

There is hope of actually fighters, full of integrity, in Washington D.C., including those like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in the Senate and Louis Gohmert and Jeff Duncan in the House, just to mention a few.

And as far as there being a new hope in the media? Move over George Will—there is a new voice of Truth and Liberty in town. But thanks for your years of excusing and coddling the deceptive Congress that enjoys stealing from the middle class and giving to the filthy rich corporations and special interests. But no worries, if you need something to do, word is out that the Four Seasons is building a lovely vacation spot in Turkey that apparently Congress has just stolen money from the American taxpayers to fund.


* D'Evelyn, Thomas (October 26, 1986). "Will's collection of columns chronicles his conservatism". The Christian Science Monitor. December 14,2014.

All Transcript Excerpts taken from:
"Fox News Sunday." Fox News. Washington DC, 12 Dec. 2014. Television. Transcript.

Author Bio:

Cari Blake is a freelance writer, Executive Producer for Freedom 560 and Grassroots Radio Colorado and political activist. Ms. Blake is a pioneer in the field of IT Security within the Aerospace and Banking Industries. Ms. Blake led the Herman Cain, and subsequently, the Newt 2012 Grassroots Campaigns for the State of Colorado. Cari Blake is the co-author of BETRAYED - The Shocking True Story Of Extortion 17 As Told By A Navy SEAL's Father.

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