What is an OGRE?

OGRE stands for Old Guard Republican Establishment. An individual who is deemed an OGRE is someone who affiliates with the Republican Party that had abandoned the fundamental principles that our great nation was founded on, including: a constitutionally limited government, free-market economic system, individual rights with personal responsibility, and the rule of law.

OGREs who are elected officials use the Republican Party apparatus to get their names on the ballot and Party support, but fail miserably to live up to the fundamental principles of the Party and America.

There are also GOP officers and leaders that fail to hold ORGE elected officials to account and often go out of their way to undermine those who challenge the Old Guard Republican Establishment.

What is the difference between an OGRE and a RINO?

Nothing. We simply believe the term OGRE more accurately and descriptively represents those individuals who label themselves an “R”, but in fact sell out the very principles that this country was founded upon. These are not just single individuals who occasionally stray from principle. OGREs are part of a systemic culture of big government, corruption, and the elitist political class (think good ol’ boy network) that has infected America and Colorado since at least the 1950s. They truly are an establishment.

What is OGRE eXposed?

OGRE eXposed is simply a website dedicated to  educating liberty-minded, constitutional conservatives on why reclaiming the Republican Party is important and how to do it. 

What is OGRE eXposed’s position on third parties?

OGRE eXposed believes the most efficient and practical way to restore American liberty and the Constitutional Republic is not by forming a third party, but by rescuing the Republican Party from OGRE control. This website explains how to do that.

What about Libertarians?

The OGREs have been waging war on Libertarians (both “big L” and “little l”) for many years and without good reason. OGRE eXposed is not connected in any way to the Libertarian Party, but believes the Republican Party should actively work with those who subscribe to libertarian philosophies to create a bigger, and more powerful Republican coalition with shared ideals and goals.

Isn’t OGRE eXposed just dividing the Party and making it easier for Democrats to win?

NO! OGREs love to claim that you are dividing the Party then you publicly criticize them, but they have been disenfranchising, insulting, and actively working against those who believe in fundamental American principles and constitutional conservatism for years. If only they would work that hard against Democrats!

Democrats already win in Colorado because of OGREs. Democrats win elections because the Republicans are not articulating, in a persuasive manner, the difference between a constitutional conservative philosophy and a statist, leftist agenda. Sadly, this is often because those OGREs do not actually believe in or understand Constitutional principles.

Moreover, Republicans will never be able to out-promise Democrats when it comes to government handouts and benefits. Repeatedly accepting Democrat arguments, their language, and remaining on the defensive will never win elections.

By restoring real constitutional conservatives to Republican Party leadership and elected office is the only way the Republican Party will be able to differentiate themselves from the Democrats and provide a credible alternative to the Democratic Party.

Isn’t deciding who is an OGRE subjective?

To some degree, yes. However, OGRE eXposed believes a consistent pattern of statements, actions, and voting records will fairly and accurately provide insight into the beliefs and principles of an individual. These statements, actions, and voting records are objective and citation to independent resources will be provided when possible.

Does OGRE eXposed take donations?

No. But we always like to receive relevant news tips and hear ways on how we can improve.

What is the proper roll of the Republican Party Leadership?

The purpose of the Republican Party is to elect Republicans to public office that will uphold the Party platform. The purpose of the Republican Party is not to raise money for the sake of raising money and paying a staff. HOW the money is spent is important. Republican Party leadership must be held accountable to those who entrust them with their donations and the Party name. 

The Party leadership also has a role in ensuring a fair process where those seeking to gain access to the ballot under the Republican Party banner have an equal opportunity to access that ballot despite their political connections and clout. 

The Party leadership must be able to articulate in a persuasive manner the core principles and ideals of the Republican Party. Properly defining the Party and distinguishing it from the left-wing Democrat Party is the only way to ensure electoral victories for Republicans who will uphold the Party platform. Providing such leadership will ensure financial stability and growth of the Party as a whole.

 Who runs OGRE eXposed?

A number of people have contributed insights and ideas to this project. However, the person solely responsible for the content on OGRE eXposed is Marc Zarlengo, former Douglas County Republican District Captain and current member of the Colorado Republican Committee.

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