How to play Craps

Everyone seems to agree that craps is one of the most fascinating betting games. It seems to grow in its popularity and is played by gambling enthusiasts all over the world. But a question that is asked often is – especially if you are new to betting games. There are many routes that you can follow in order to play craps successfully.

In order to play craps successfully you should start with managing your funds effectively. This will be your “craps money” – the money that you will use to place your bets when playing craps. On the other hand you can not afford to be overcautious as it will directly limit your potential winnings.

At the same time you do not want to be too liberal, it will run out in a flash. If you run out on your craps money, you will also seriously put a damper on the amount of fun you can have while playing craps. It is not much fun watching others playing this game from the sidelines.

Most players are intimidated by the game of craps as it can be intimidating, and the players are all loud and congratulating one another. The game is also played very fast. But if you take the step to learn this wonderful game, you will find it is not nearly as intimidating.

Craps is played on a table that is build so that the two opposed ends is a mirror image of one another. This accommodates more players. The numbers that can be rolled is 2 to 12, seeing that two dice is being used. The personnel working at these tables usually consist of a boxman, two dealers and a stickman.

All the players will get a chance to throw the dice, although this is not always necessary, seeing that the players can place a bet on one thrower. All of this then adds to the mood around the table, and creates strong camaraderie between the players.

Make sure that you know all the possible craps bets that you can place by heart before you place any bets. The more you know, the better your odds will be in winning.