In a shocking betrayal of the Adams County Republican Party and activists who have fought so hard over the past two months to ensure election integrity, State GOP Chairman Ryan Call came out today in defense of the Democrat Adams County Clerk and Recorder despite the outrage and objections of the Adams County GOP Chairman over the conduct of the 2014 general election.

Just one day after Matt Arnold of Campaign Integrity Watchdog announced a campaign finance complaint against Ryan Call’s independent expenditure committee brainchild; Call continues to dig in and has now decided that ensuring election integrity is really not that important to the Colorado Republican Party.

After numerous concerns over election watcher obstruction and intimidation by Karen Long, Adams County Clerk, it came to light just one day after the Adams County GOP decided to drop its recount effort that in fact 200,000 mail-in-ballots were permanently marked with an ID number that would allow election officials, and anyone else in the counting rooms, to easily trace a voted ballot to a specific voter. In other words, Adams County did not have a secret ballot and the Adams County Clerk & Recorder failed to tell anyone about it until after the Adams County GOP recount effort was dropped due to absorbent costs that the Clerk charged in order to conduct the recount.

So how did the Colorado Republican Party Chairman react to this shocking news? Ryan Call indicated in a December 16, 2014 interview with the Denver Post that he found virtually no problem with the conduct of the election itself and in an insulting and mocking manner stated “I find it less than credible that individual government bureaucrats are going in and doing the impossible task of leafing through stacks of ballots to find out how voters voted.” He empathized with the Democrat Clerk and Recorder who was concerned about scaring voters away.

Scaring away voters??!! So I guess the Chairman believes it is better to keep election defects and potential fraud secret from the public—what they don’t know won’t hurt them. Right Ryan? No surprise; that is now the way the GOP selects its primary candidates.

Ryan Call clearly has no understanding of why Colorado specifically maintains in its Constitution the right to a secret ballot. Worse yet, maybe he does. Nor does he have a problem with government bureaucrats being able to determine how specific, identifiable individuals vote.

The reality, which no one seems to want to acknowledge, is that Ryan Call was concerned about one race and one race only—the Cory Gardner race. Now that he achieved the sole victory that mattered to him and the large national base of donors, any disruption to the system and political establishment, to which Democrats also subscribe, serves as nothing but a distraction and potential cloud over Gardner’s victory.

Is this the type of leadership and defender of Constitutional rights that Republicans expect? If not, it may be time to find a new Party Chairman. If so, then the next step is going to be finding a new Party.


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